Generate more income per sq foot.

Offering delivery doesn't have to cost all your profit.

Want to starting growing your restaurant?

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How it works

Hungry just open the hungr app, choose your restaurant and order your favorite items.

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open hungr on your mobile device

download hungr on your mobile device.
If your favorite restaurant isn't listed, ask them to get hungr.

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Choose your restaurant

Choose from a list of restaurants that are close by or search for your favorite restaurant.

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Choose the food items you would like

Choose from a wide selection of available menu items and customize as needed.

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Confirm the information and Request Pickup

Simply Confirm your order and hit Order Now.

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Driver Notified

When your food is ready for pickup a driver will be sent to bring your order to you.

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Soon your order will be delivered. Remeber to rate your driver and if you would like to add on a tip you may.

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Your Done.

That's it. It is simple to use on-demand delivery when and where you need it.


Deliveries starts at just $3.00 plus your food cost.

Most same-day deliveries average just $6.00.

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